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Gifted Education in Europe: Implications for policymakers and educators

Tourón, J. & Freeman, J. (2017),  ‘Gifted Education in Europe: Implications for policymakers and educators’, S.I. Pfeiffer (Ed.) Handbook on Giftedness. Washington: American Psychological Association (APA) (p.55-70).


Conflicts between high level academic success and creativity

Freeman, J (2016). ‘Conflicts between high level academic success and creativity’ (KYLTUROWE I SPOŁECZNE: KONTEKSTY WYCHOWANIA), Psychchologia Wychowawcza, Vol 51, No 9.  pp 45-60.  (Summary in Polish).


Possible effects of electronic social media on gifted and talented children’s intelligence and emotional development

Freeman, J. (2016) 'Possible effects of the electronic social media on gifted and talented children's intelligence and emotional development', Gifted and Talented International, Vol 32 (2) 165-172.


Gender difference in gifted children

Ref: Freeman, J. & Garces-Bascal, R.M. (2015), 'Gender differences in gifted children', in M. Neihart, S.I. Pfeiffer & T.L. Cross (Eds.) The Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Children: What do we know?, Waco, Texas: Prufrock Press Inc.


Cultural Variations in Ideas of Gifts and Talents With Special Regard to the Eastern and Western Worlds

Ref: Freeman, J. (2015), ‘Cultural Variations in Ideas of Gifts and Talents With Special Regard to the Eastern and Western Worlds’, in Dai, D.Y. & Ching, C.K. (Eds.) Gifted Education in Asia. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


The long-term effects of families and educational provision on gifted children

Freeman, J. (2013) ‘The long-term effects of families and educational provision on gifted children’, Educational and Child Psychology, 30 (2), 7-17.


A Quality of Giftedness

Freeman, J. (2012) ‘A Quality of Giftedness’, Gifted and Talented International, 27, 2,13-71.

(Invited target paper for discussion)


World-wide Provision to Develop Gifts and Talents

An International Survey
Freeman, J, Raffan, J. & Warwick, I. (2010)


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Psychology for the sake of the environment

Freeman, J. (2011), in Mendonca, A., Cunha, A, & Chakrabarti, R. (Eds.) Dordrecht: Springer.


Very Young And Gifted

Freeman, J. (2009), Young Gifted & Talented web-site CfBT Education Trust.


The Emotional development of the gifted and talented

Freeman, J. (2008). Conference proceedings. Gifted and Talented Provision.
London: Optimus Educational


Literacy, Flexible Thinking and Underachievement

Freeman, J. (2008). in D. Montgomery (Ed.) Gifted, Talented
and Able Underachievers. Chichester: Wiley


Morality and giftedness

Freeman, J. (2008). (141-148), in T.Balchin, B. Hymer, & Mathews,
D. (Eds.) The Routledge International Companion to Gifted Education.
London and New York: Routledge


Permission to be gifted: How conceptions of giftedness can change lives

Freeman, J. (2005), in R. Sternberg & J. Davidson, Conceptions of Giftedness, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (pp 80-97)


Counselling the Gifted and Talented

Freeman, J. (2005), Gifted Education International, 19, 245-252.


Teaching the Gifted and Talented' 

Freeman, J. (2004), Education Today, 54, 17-21.


Giftedness and Mild Neurological Disorders

Freeman, J. (2004), ECHA News, 18, 6-8.


Scientific thinking in gifted children

Freeman, J. (2003) in P. Csermely & L. Lederman (Eds.) Science Education: Talent Recruitment and Public Understanding’ IOS Press with NATO Scientific Affairs Division: Amsterdam ( (pp.17-30)


Gender Differences in Gifted Achievement In Britain and the USA

Freeman, J. (2003), Gifted Child Quarterly, 47, 202-211.


Out-of-school Educational Provision for the Gifted and Talented Around the World

Freeman, J. (2002) A report to the DfES 
(the download is in two parts - research and conclusions)

Download Part One, Download Part Two

Mentoring gifted pupils, An International View

Freeman, J. (2001) ‘Mentoring gifted pupils’, Educating Able Children, 5, 6-12


Families, the essential context for gifts and talents

Freeman, J. (2000) (pp. 573-585) in K.A. Heller, F.J. Monks, R. Sternberg & R. Subotnik, International Handbook of Research and Development of Giftedness and Talent. Oxford: Pergamon Press


Giftedness, responsibility and schools

Freeman, J. (2000) Gifted Education International, 15, 13-22


Educating the Very Able:Current International Research

Freeman, J. (1998) The Stationery Office, London


Inborn Talent Exists

Freeman, J. (1998) Behavioral and Brain Sciences, New York: 21:3, p.415


Self reports in research on high ability

Freeman, J. (1996)High Ability Studies, 7, 191-201


Where talent begins

Freeman, J. (1995). in J. Freeman, P. Span, & H. Wagner (Eds.)
Actualising Talent: a Lifelong Challenge. London: Cassell


When earning interferes with learning

Freeman, J. (1993). in Wallace, B. & Adams, H.B. (Eds.) Worldwide
Perspectives on the Gifted Disadvantaged. Bicester, Oxon: AB Academic Publishers

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